Asthma And Fish Oil

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There was a study conducted in Indiana University which revealed that fish oil is a very effective remedy for asthma symptoms, especially that caused by over activity or too much exercise.

Emergency medication is often needed by people who have severe asthma symptoms. The study involved 16 asthma patients suffering mild symptoms to severe ones. These individuals need daily asthma medications in order to control the attacks. The asthma patients were given high doses of fish oil which contain EPA or Eicosapentaenoic acid (3.2 gm) and DHA or Docosahexaenoic acid (2gm) for about three weeks.

Before fish oil administration, the lungs of the asthma patients were first examined through efficiency tests. Sputum samples were also taken and analyzed. The tests took note of the inflammatory cells and some markers. The same tests were conducted after the end of the study. After the 3-week period of fish oil administration, the patients showed 64% improvement in terms of lung efficiency and the need for asthma medications also reduced by about 31%. Fish oil contains fatty acids (Omega 3) which has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Asthma patients often have second thoughts about exercising because they fear that it can cause asthma symptoms. This is true especially in some asthmatics. However, the body needs adequate exercise and this is the reason why some asthma patients still engage in some forms of exercise. In some case, the air passage swells or become inflamed when the asthma patient engages in strenuous exercises. When this happens, the doctor will tell you that the asthma attack was exercise-induced. How can you tell if you’re exhibiting asthma symptoms? It’s quite simple; once you experience wheezing, breath shortness, chest tightness, and coughing, you’re already having an asthma attack. Don’t worry because the asthma symptoms will just ease off after 1 ½ hours.

If you exercise during dry and cool conditions, you’re more likely to experience asthma symptoms because there is cooling and drying out of the air passages. This will result to the release of inflammatory chemicals which narrows the airways. Some doctors encourage swimming as a form of exercise because the air is usually warmer and moist and so asthma attacks seldom happens.

When the asthma attack is exercise-induced, the individual will not be able to get enough exercise. In the case of youngsters who like sports and other physical activities, their health condition will serve as a barrier and so they can’t enjoy their life to the fullest.

Omega 3 is different from Omega 6. Large percentage of Omega 3 is found in fish oil and this is very beneficial to asthma patients because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The latter is pro-inflammatory which means that it can trigger the release of inflammatory chemicals, thereby resulting to asthma attacks. Medical experts advise asthma patients to increase their consumption of Omega 3 or fish oil instead of consuming more vegetable oils, processed foods, dairy products, and meats which contain Omega 6. So where can you get fish oil? You can get it from oily fishes or in fish oil that came from plant sources.

You have to include fish oil in your everyday supplements because of its therapeutic benefits. You can use it to prevent future asthma attacks which are exercise-induced. Beware of fish oils with lesser grade because it has harmful toxins. Try to purchase only the pharmaceutical grade or best quality supplements of fish oil.

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